Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Show and Tell.. Just because...

Today's Show and Tell is a bit random or without reason other than how it has drawn me in lately.

When I went to Belarus, we never really got any shopping or tourism time. We opted to visit families of bedridden children during our tourist time and we were much more blessed with that experience. We did manage to visit one store on our way back from our visits and I fell in love with a little bird whistle I found there. I bought it thinking I would give it as a gift to someone. Our souvenier time was so limited and mostly involved hotel and airport gift shops (that were amazingly true to culture and reasonably priced) so getting certain things for each person was difficult and rushed. I ended up just buying several little things that I knew I could find a home for and worked it out when I got home. This little bird was originally intended for my aunt's daughter or my grandparents but the closer to home I got, the more in love with it I fell.

I have just recently gotten a new shelf that I sat by my bathroom door and each time I walk past it, this little bird catches my eye and makes me smile. I don't know why but it just has a happy look. Dot and Dan's baby girl has recently discovered it and she always makes a beeline for it as soon as she gets in the door. Apparently I'm not the only one drawn to it!

In addition to the bird I snapped a picture of two of my other two favorite treasures. The matryoshka doll (or nesting doll) in the back was one of my favorite finds. It was the only one like it in a hotel gift store and I snatched it up for around ten dollars I think. The veil around her head is painted with a glittery paint that can't be seen in the picture but makes her so beautiful in person! I never really had an interest in these dolls until I came back from Belarus and now I always have to look twice if I see one while shopping. Of course, none of the ones I have seen have compared to the hand painted beauties I came across in Belarus and I am always left with a homesick feeling.

The tree is a fabulous treasure from a group of disabled women from a very rural town in Belarus that the other team passed through. They hand bead each leaf and work the copper wire into these gorgeous trees. They sell them for just a couple of dollars each and have managed to earn a living and support their little group with their wonderful art. Our missionary often picks up new trees and ornaments and carries them with him to different places he visits trying to sell what he can for them. We bought two boxes full of goodies that day and we all had to ration out what we got to make sure everyone had a chance to get one. I managed to get two trees. The other one was a gift to my mother and it is pink and white like cherry blossoms.

So there ya have it. My show and tell for the week. I hope that these things can bring a smile to your face like they do for me! Go on over to Mel's and see what everyone else has this week!

Show and Tell


Kristin said...

The tree is absolutely gorgeous. That bird is so bright and cheerful. And the matryoshka doll brings back memories.

Another Dreamer said...

Those are wonderful things to have to remind you of Belarus. I love all of them. I agree about the bird, it has a draw to it.

battynurse said...

I love the bird whistle. That's very cute. I've seen a couple of stores lately that sell the nesting dolls and they are always fascinating. That little tree is very beautiful too.

JuliaS said...

My father spent 2 years in Finland and brought back Matryoska dolls. I have a couple sets of them and they are some of my most favorite possessions. The bird is wonderful! I have never seen anything like that before!

Thanks for sharing and bringing up some pleasant memories. :0)

alicia said...

I love those dolls!! such pretty colors too!