Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pass it on.. A Show and Tell

I am so excited about this post! I have been anxiously waiting all week, tormented because I am off for Fall Break and I wanted it to stretch out as long as possible at the same time. It is finally here and I hope it was worth the wait!

If you remember, earlier in the week I went to my grandmother's for the day. I showed up to her house with the skeleton makings of a Halloween costume and a sewing machine. I left with a costume and a car full of treasures! There were toys for the nursery, fresh and canned veggies, new sewing needles, and buttons.

As we chatted that day about sewing and crocheting, she suddenly jumped up and started digging through a cabinet, and then another. She finally let out a gleeful "There they are!" and proceeded to set before me a stack of magazines. Their delicate pages were yellowing around the edges and many of them were falling apart. It didn't matter to me. I carefully explored their pages occasionally coming across a page that would stir a memory for my grandmother and she would patter off again to find yet another treasure. These books were some of her crochet magazines. They were all dated before my mother was born (some before the 50's)! It was so much fun that day to watch her eyes light up as she found pattern after pattern that she herself had made so many years ago. She always knew where her treasures were tucked and would bring them in beaming with pride. She soon remembered another box stashed in the attic full of these books that she had subscribed to throughout my mother and aunt's childhood.

My grandfather even got in on the action and the stories were spun for me with love and joy. Then today as my mom and I perused antique stores, I ran accross some similar magazines from the 70's. I showed them to my mom and told her about the additional box in the attic. She smiled and her eyes glazed over in happy memories as she talked about my great grandmother and my grandmother sewing and crocheting things when she was little. It was amazing to feel such a strong sense of belonging and love as I was brought into a circle that included generations of our family. I pray that someday I will have a child to bring into our family's circle.

This first one is the oldest. It is dated 1945. It is so funny to see how popular these chair sets were back then!

This is a picture of the whole set. All 22! I can't believe how vibrant their colors are after so many years!

As we looked through the books that day, my grandmother sought out this pattern and then joyfully dug out a beautiful and delicate pair of slippers that she made. She still wears them sometimes around the house.

I absolutely adore the hat and purse patterns! I think I will have to use these patterns to make a few things if and when I ever get a little shop going.

Another picture of some of the fashions of the 50's. I got a kick out of the flowery sandals! Alicia would love these for her Friday shoe showcase!

So, that's it. I hope you had as much fun with them as I did. You should go check in at Mel's and see what else the class is showing today!

Show and Tell


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Oh please please please get a little shop going--an online etsy so we can buy what you make. What a great story :-)

But what about a picture of the costume? Or do we need to wait for Halloween?

Arian said...

For those wondering about my costume, I will leave you in suspense until perhaps next week! I sense a contest in our future!

C said...

I love those chair covers! LOL

Another Dreamer said...

lol about the chair covers!

That is really cool seeing those. I'm surprised they're not more worn, your grandmother must have been taking good care of them.

battynurse said...

Great memories. I love stuff like that with a story.

Michelle said...

I love when I get to look at old stuff. They don't even look like they are over 50 yrs old. Great story!

Sam said...

what a lovely show and tell! It never fails to surprise me just what people will keep, and in such good condition too.

These days we are always exhorted to declutter and throw away what we don't need. But if we did that then we wouldn't have anything to pull out and show off in fifty years time!

Cara said...

OMG! They are amazing! I vote with Mel. Open a shop. I'll shop there!!

Generational connections are so powerful! I'm so glad you have that relationship.

Lori said...

So great that your grandmother held on to these. I love your enthusiasm for your craft and for your family.

Great S&T.

Kristin said...

Oh how cool...I love that you share your creative streak with the other generations of your family.

JuliaS said...

Oh what fun!

My great-grandmother crocheted - she had those chair sets all over her house! My other great-grandmother use to make us those crocheted slippers. We use to get a new pair each Christmas.

Definitely a treasure trove of treats and memories!

Thanks for sharing! I think you and I share a bit of kindred spirit here. I would have been just as thrilled and excited as you!

littleangelkisses said...

Oh my gosh those are GREAT! I'm a knitter but those are just adorable patterns!!

Cassandra said...

I wonder if there's a market for antique crochet books. No matter how much money they might be worth, I'm sure they're more valuable to you and your grandmother. :)

Michael, Karen and Morgan said...

How very special!

When my Gram passed we had a wonderful time finding a ton of special handmade items and enjoyed reminiscing about how they played a part in her life. Some wonderful memories!

alicia said...

oh wow! how fun! It is so great to be able to share those memories with your mom and grandma!

haha those shoes are great! haha. I do love those hats though!