Monday, October 13, 2008

To Whom It May Concern...Can you please consider a girl?

When I find myself in the icky places that this struggle can lead us all sometimes, I try very hard to find a positive spin on our experience. At times, as my hubby says I get "a gut full" and I find myself so angry that we are having to walk this road. It is so hard during these times to find a ray of light, but one such light has been the realization that we are learning so much about our parenting style before we even have a child. Our desire for a child has sparked many a conversation about how we would prefer to handle certain aspects of parenting. Anyone can fall victim to our discussion; a child in the grocery store, the kids at school, church, our complex, television, you name it, we've talked about them all!

Yesterday, one such situation came up and I have decided that we need to throw up a plea for a girl if at all possible. I hope you all understand that Hubby and I will be eternally grateful for any child we might receive and I would love either boy or girl unconditionally and with every fiber of my being. This was just a fun thought yesterday that has helped me giggle through a tough waiting period.

One of the kiddos in my nursery class on Sunday has just started potty training. Last week was his first attempt with big boy pants and we did great. That night our other nursery worker was sick and so I went in for her. Kiddo had to go potty but would only let Miss Arian take him. Up to this point the only experience I had with potty training was my little brother when I was nine years old and my mother, frustrated at his nonchalance and contentment to live in diapers for the rest of his days, carted him off to grandma's house. He came back two weeks later fluent in toilet talk. I approached the situation that night with a bit of trepidation, but in the end we both walked out in triumph.

So, yesterday when he exhibited signals of potty distress, I confidently took him by the hand and headed to the potty. I walked with my head high and certain that I had already mastered the art of potty training and could face any obstacle....

All of you toddler parents out there are laughing hysterically right now aren't you? Go on. Get it out of your system. I'll wait.... Ok....

Kiddo and I walk in and he points to the little potty seat on the floor. I shrug and think, well sure why not. The last time we had used that little cushiony attatchment to the big potty, but what's the difference? He gets situated on the tiny seat sideways and I reach to help him turn around more towards the front. I thought I had plenty of time. The last time I had used the sound of running water from the sink to get things started. Surprise!

No big deal. Kiddo knows to hold it down in the potty and he truly tried. This potty was about twenty years old I'm afraid and the person that designed this particular one had about as much experience with potty training a boy as I did! We got a tiny bit on his pants but I quickly pulled them down and over his shoes to avoid any catastrophes and then it started!

It was like a tiny fire hose out of control! It went everywhere. Said two year old thought this was hilarious and distressing at the same time and tried to stand up hollering "Big potty big potty" as he attempted to move over to the big potty which did not have the little seat attached yet. I scrambled to shield the flood, keep kiddo sitting, and situate the big potty seat. I finally got the seat fixed and plopped kiddo down quickly on the seat grabbing his arm and helping him hold that crazy sprinkler into the appropriate receptacle!

There was pee everywhere! I never imagined that much pee coming from such a tiny person but oh my goodness! The floor, the wall, my shoes, his shoes, both potties, everywhere! I managed to clean it up and empty what little content actually made it into the mini potty. Kiddo reached to flush and laughed with glee as the water swirled saying proudly "I make wots of water! Wook!"

Everything was great until we got back into class. As I said, he had managed just a tiny dribble on his shorts so I figured I would change him. His mom and dad have tried to encourage him by saying "Diapers are nasty" and "Big boy pants are nasty when they get wet." As I lay him down to change his shorts, he put his hand up to his forehead and wailed with the most sorrowful, pained expression, "Ohhhh Noooo! I nasty! Ohhh noooo!" I tried to keep a straight face as I praised him for going in the potty and told him that he had done good and that it wasn't his fault that we changed him. He hopped down and trudged over to the blocks unconvinced.

I felt so guilty and I have vowed to do better next week, determined to help kiddo master this potty thing and learn a thing or two along with him for our someday children. Hopefully we will all come through this unscarred and successful at making water!


Karen S. said...

Try potty training rewards. It worked great for our son. He loved pushing the audio push button hearing he is a Big Boy and opening a door to find a chocolate surprise. He really became involved. He was peeing and pooping in his potty within a week. Have a look and see if this would work for you.

alicia said...

haha! what a great story! I hope next time is more succesful!

Lori said...


I ended up with one of each, and they both have their charms. And their alarms. Basically, you can't go wrong.

Thanks for entering the giveaway on All Thumbs Reviews. Good luck to you!