Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Needly St. Pat's

I was supposed to go in for an ultrasound yesterday to check out my response to the clomid. I already knew it was more than likely an internal u/s, so I told Hubby that I wanted to "freshen up" before we left. He kept fussing at me to hurry that there was no reason to do that when the doc was just going to slap some gel on my belly and we'd be done. Of course I had to be right. I thought maybe since I was still bleeding just a little, that he would tell me we couldn't do it this month, but he went right on.

The ultrasound showed that my right ovary isn't doing anything really. The doc pointed it out and explained where the follicles were and the sizes. He expressed his disappointment and then said "Let's check the left just in case."

When he scanned over it, Hubby popped up and said, "Ooh, those are good ones!" The doctor laughed and agreed. I have one beautiful little follicle named Fran that was at about 16 mm.

Doc printed out a pic and disappeared for a little while. He came in and told us that he wanted to do an hcg trigger. He said it wasn't proven to help, but it couldn't hurt. We would have to go to this one specific pharmacy and pick it up and bring it back. We had not been planning on forking out the cash for an injection and told him we couldn't do it right then. No worries though, he told me to come in first thing in the morning. We went home and I called every pharmacy in town to try and find someone local that could fill the script so I didn't miss another day at work. The only pharmacy for many miles happens to be that one and they keep it on hand for my doc's partner.

Now, just a bit of background... My doc's partner happens to be the one that helped my mom get me. It is a long running joke with all of us at work that his office is where babies come from. We are pretty sure that my doc took the measurements over to the other doc and that is where we came up with this sudden deviation in the plan. I think it's pretty cool that this time he had a hand in it. Hopefully, he is where babies come from after all!

I took off this morning and got to the pharmacy just as it opened. I had issues with a lady about using my insurance card. I refused and she got huffy. Thankfully, the pharmacist had remembered me from the day before and he rescued me. The pharmacy has a beautiful picture of a baby with angel wings and the inside is loaded with gorgeous baby things. Perhaps it was a good sign?

I got to the office and doc was in surgery. The nurses had never given anyone an hcg shot before. They made me take a pg test which I thought was hilarious. They decided it should be broken into two injections; one on each side. I'm not a person that minds needles. I had several surgeries as a kid and was very used to being poked. I had a brief spell of piercings and tattoos. This injection was so slow and it stung a little, but no biggie. Well, until I had driven half an hour home and went straight to work. My back is very sore.

I hope to goodness that this works. We are going to have a bit of fun with it though and go buy a few tests. It may be the only positive I ever get to see, so why not? I guess tonight, we do the hokey pokey till we pass out and then pray for the best right? Surely the fact that it's the luckiest day of the year can't hurt.


eden said...

Oooooooh, looks like you had a VERY needly St Pats!! Best, best best of the Irish luck to you, to be sure to be sure!!!

I adore your leprechaun traps, so gorgeous.

alicia said...

yay for fran!!! thats awesome! i had to give myself the trigger shot at home in the belly! good times!! but it was only one shot?? i really hope this works for you!

Amanda said...

I'm a lurker and I love reading your stories about the kids, but I wanted to leave a comment today because I was a little concerned by your trigger story. If you got an inter muscular HCG trigger like Novarel those are packaged in 10,000iu dose packs, but I'm not sure about other brands like Pregnyl. My clinic never gives the full 10,000 dose unless you are an IVF patient. They mix it for 2 5,000 doses. Taking the full 10,000 doesn't really hurt anything besides your pocket book cause you can save that second dose and use it up to two months later.

I hope you didn't find my comment upsetting. I really hope you get lucky this month and don't have to think about a next cycle, but if there is a next cycle, you might want to double check with your Dr. about the dose.

Michelle said...

Good Luck to you! I hope it happens for you this month!

Kristin said...

Wishing you lots and lots of good luck