Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday - gardening 101

Me: Tim, which one of these doesn't belong?

Tim: *looks at card for a long time before looking to me for direction.*

Me: Let's read the words... tree, grass, weeds, hen. What is a tree? Grass? Weeds? (he answered these correctly) A hen?

Tim: Well, uh... I don't rightly know.

*Ann raises her hand and starts dancing around*

Me: Ann, could you maybe help Tim a little?

Ann: I know! It's one of those chicken things that lays the eggs!

Me: Good! Now, Tim, can you plant a tree?

Tim: yes

Me: Can you plant grass?

Tim: yes

Me: Can you plant weeds?

Tim: Well, I guess so, but my granny hates em.

Me: Ok. Well what about a hen?

*They all giggled. Ann raised her hand again*

Ann: Well Mrs. Arian, I guess if'n you did plant a hen, you'd just grow an eggplant!

1 comment:

eden said...

Ohhhhhhhh!!! That is way too cute!!

I thought at the end one of them was going to say that you would plant a hen if it was dead.

(Sorry .... there's something wrong with my brain.)