Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Verdict

We have two more cycles.

We are going to try 100mg of clomid this month with an ultrasound on day 13. If that doesn't work, we will try one cycle with 150mg and he will monitor that one as well. If that doesn't work.... off to the clinic we go.


Kristin said...

Good luck sweetie.

alicia said...

i think this is really good news! you have a plan now, something to focus on!! good luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you!

rescogitatae said...

Good luck, Arian. I'll have everything crossed that this works out for you.


bubbledragon said...

Good luck to you, I'm glad you made a plan - I always feel more at ease once I have a plan in place.


S said...

this sounds like a really good plan of action, and I seriously hope it works for you! I've never been on clomid myself but hear it can turn you into the PMS beast from hell, just letting you know you should probably have a good supply of chocolate handy. I had a work colleague who also had PCOS and clomid worked wonders for her (as far as ovulation/follicle stim went).

Sending you some hugs.

Jaymee said...

Hope this works. Just to echo, plans are better than no plans. I always have to know where I am headed.

VA Blondie said...

Best of luck to you.

By the way, I nominated you for an award on my blog! Enjoy!