Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too Cute Tuesday... Happy St. Patty's!

This is one of my favorite days of the year! Spring, Hubby's bday, green, rainbows, the word "blarney," they all get me excited. This year we made Leprechaun traps in our classes. It was so much fun to see them all work together to concoct some sort of plan to trap a leprechaun. Remember, these are kindergarteners. They worked so hard on these! I thought you all would love to see them...

This one is pretty neat. The leprechaun is supposed to think the bell is gold and grab it. When he pulls on it the door is attached to the bell via string and pulls closed like a draw bridge, trapping the leprechaun inside. There are little pillows, air holes, a pipe cleaner soaked in water (if he gets thirsty) and a couple of tiny pieces of my granola mix for food.

With this one, there is a second hole with "gold" tempting him to jump in. Once inside he will get confused and caught in all of the stuff.

This one is funny. There is actually a cup in there that you can't see. He is supposed to think that the bottle (with glued on sequins) is treasure. Once inside he will see the sparkly sequins baited under the cup. The cup will fall over on him and he will be trapped. There are bells attached to let you know when he is caught.

The point of this last one is to coax him to the egg. Once in the egg, he will fight and get stuck in the glue dotted in the bottom and the egg will close trapping him inside.

Hopefully they will catch one tomorrow. I am afraid I will have to miss out on the fun. I have to go run down a vial of hcg tomorrow and get it to the doc by 9am for an injection. Fun times.


Kristin said...

What imagination! I love them.

Never fun getting poked with a needle. Hope its as painless as possible.

Anonymous said...

How creative your class is ! I hope all goes well for you tomorrow :-)

Photogrl said...

Wow, they are really using their imaginations!

Good luck tomorrow. It's a pretty quick shot.

alicia said...

what an awesome craft idea!!! lvoe it